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Scottish Rain

I wrote this spontaneously as a response to a call to participate in a fifteen-minute writing exercise suggested by author, Judy Reeves, on the Transformational Writer blog. It was a fun exercise and I plan to do it again, every day or so, even though the results, to me, seem stiff and self-conscious. (This is where being […]


The Inadvertent Plagiarist

If you are a copywriter or ghostwriter in the internet marketing industry, you know what the culture can unfortunately sometimes be like. Many do-it-yourself copywriters under the pressure of deadlines research only two or three sources and rewrite chunks of someone else’s work to pass off as original. This is not only unprofessional and lazy, it […]


Two Fatal Reasons Print Publications Reject You

Every aspiring writer should include print publications in their writing career planning. It’s all about building your reputation, making publishing connections and gaining niche audience visibility. Besides all that, there are two other facts to consider: Print publications often pay astoundingly well Magazine editors live to have the perfect article pitch arrive on their doorsteps […]