The Golden Gates

My very quiet 12 year old granddaughter just wrote her first official piece of writing. It is a cross between stream-of-consciousness narrative and personal essay and I was struck by the honesty and intensity of her feelings, so I promised her I would publish it in Copywriter’s Corner.

I think this is the most I have ever heard her “say”!

Guest Post by Emily Miller

EmilyThe Golden Gates’ eyes open wide when they look deep inside your hopes and dreams, but when you open up they look for your real purpose. Why? And when they see how much you want this, you need this, they choose if you are ready for it.

It is for this reason that you aren’t ready…

The Golden Gates’ purpose is to bring the best of the best to the very top. They search every inch of time and space for the amazing people and things who will change the world forever; the kind of people who better the history of time and space. Mostly for the best, but at times the world needs dark to rise, to even the fight. There is such a thing as too much good.

Like they say: Without night there is no reason to fight for tomorrow and without tomorrow there can be no yesterday.

The Golden Gates are the people who just know that a particular person will do great things. The Golden Gates are made up of everyone who knows they will make the world a better place–or worse–by making choices.

The choices we make say what kind of person we really are, and what kind of person we want to be. So what will you choose to do with your life? Do you want to better the world, or will you choose to destroy it with every bad decision you make?

I am not going to stop you. I am here to bring life and love to the world. I know that I may never be anyone special but I’m okay with that, because I can be unique, different from everyone around me: And I would much rather be unique than special.

It is once and a life time to be unique, because even through people will stare at me I know that I love me and my family loves me, so in my own way that makes me one of the thousands of Golden Gates–an unknown, unique, amazingly talented person who doesn’t care that people don’t know her yet. The only thing that matters is that I know me.

So here is my speech to everyone who has ever put me down, dissed me or said untrue things about me…

I forgive you… I am sorry that I made you so upset or hurt about something someone said I did or I really did. Words can’t take away hurting, empty thoughts that I might have made you felt.
I’m sorry that I might have been a girl who said terrible, untrue things; but I am only human and the truth is that with every good deed I have done, I have also done horrible unspeakable things that can’t be undone.

I am truly sorry that I am cold-hearted at times. The reason I act this way is because I find that sometimes people leave you or hurt you, so you are too scared to let anyone in. You are too terrified of the feeling of being alone; that no one wants you; that you are just handy at the time, and now that it’s over, they no longer need you. They just leave you at the scene of the crime so you can take the fall for what they’ve done.

I know that one day someone from The Golden Gates will need me and I’ll be there. They will tell me that I am so unique so amazing that there is no one like me; that I am once and a life time thing, and if they say no, that is going to be one of the worst mistakes they have ever made.

Days–maybe even years later–I will see this person and they will be lost and I will help them. The difference is I will not let them say they are sorry because I am stronger than to give into self-pity.

They don’t need forgiveness. They just want closure.

The only way thing that matters is to forgive yourself and you will be forgiven.

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